Be a (subtle) eavesdropper

It’s surprising what you can overhear on buses, trains and anywhere else for that matter e.g. “And I said to him – don’t talk to me like that, who do you think you are?” “And what did he say then?”
“Well, you shouldn’t have done it!”  Straight away, if you’re a curious writer (and you SHOULD be!) you’re wondering what ‘he’ said and what she did. Innocuous maybe, but bones for a short story perhaps.  You could take it anywhere…

TRUE STORY- I was having coffee, seaside, with my husband on a lovely, sunny day awhile back, and was drawn to a couple seated nearby.  The vibes were there…surely, they’d just met?  Both fortyish, attractive; he German, she Swedish (spoke excellent English) I was intrigued, especially when I overhear snippets about his travels and her family and how neither wanted “Sex per se – I’d have to like the guy!”( her) and “I could have had as many girls as I wanted in Hong Kong, but I wanted more than a quick bonk!”(him) I relayed their conversation to  ‘my girls’ at a writing session (U3A writing group) to ‘take the story from there.’  Four of them produced totally different, excellent tales.  So, don’t forget to keep your ears pinned back wherever you are!


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