Advice to ‘Shrinking Literary Violets’

Ever aware that I too can learn something new every day…writers should never be self-satisfied; that’s ringing the death knell! On the other hand, heed the brief saying:- “If you think you can, you can!” To all you ‘shrinking literary violets’ (I was one too!) out there, please digest that there will always be lesser and greater persons – whatever their calling in life – so don’t get despondent, GET ON WITH IT. If you hide your writings in a drawer, no-one will know you are a writer but you. Years ago, when I sent reams of poems, articles and a few short stories ‘out there’ I received enough rejection slips to paper the loo. Of course I was disappointed but was too ‘in love’ with the magic of words to let it put me off. Like many artistic people, I have been plagued with doubts about my ability to produce something worthwhile, but instead of bowing to pressure and falling by the wayside, I pressed on. Of course you have to work hard, but it can bring its own rewards. Show your mettle – it can be empowering. No-one had to tell me to read a lot, for I found it to be a natural need and pleasure. I can recall one special day – just after I had written a page of prose as an exercise – going to the library and borrowing one of John Steinbeck’s books (I can’t recall which one). Inside that book, he used – practically word for word – a description of a sunset which matched mine. I was jubilant, and that simple sentence told me that I was at least a promising writer and urged me to write on. So, what are you waiting for – share your promise with the world!


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