Be Aware of ‘Everything’

Concurring with what Georgia Varjas recently – and so eloquently – wrote about people watching;

busy at the kitchen sink, I recently noticed a man through the window– probably a Spaniard – standing on the opposite corner of our calle speaking on the telephone. As he spoke, it was easy enough to get the gist of what he was saying as he gesticulated wildly with one arm. He was giving someone directions. It was quite amusing as he performed the movements with such passion! This led me to wonder who he was giving directions to and why? Of course, he could have been arranging an innocent coffee/brandy assignation for mid morning, or a luncheon or dinner date with a friend (there are many cafes and restaurants in my area) and was explaining how to get to the meeting place. OR it could have been something far more ominous and sinister…The outcome of this simple observation is that I now have an idea for another story.

It really does pay to be observant, especially if you’re a writer, and it comes in handy in many other ways. And – although it’s not very ‘British’ to pat oneself on the back and say ‘Aren’t I bright!’ – I did just that one summer’s day a few years ago. Husband and I were going out shopping and walking down one of a series of narrow alleyways near to our old house, when two men carrying ‘soft bags’ passed us – walking towards our house…It is not always easy to ‘spot’ a villain, but these two looked decidedly crafty and up to no good. I turned and stared at them, tugging at my husband’s shirt sleeve, while nodding in their direction as they looked back. He and they soon got the message. They hastily changed their minds, and rushing past us, entered a battered, dirty white car and sped away. Scrambling in my bag for the pen and paper I usually carry…I jotted down the number plate and rang the police. I was later told that two Russians had been arrested for car and house thefts.

Keeping an eagle-eye can sometimes be a double-edged sword!

Just call me Detective Lennick …


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