Mother Nature’s bounty

Having dreamt more than usual (though not that unusual) I dragged my body out of bed – distant memories emerging behind my bleary eyes: of days when I actually leapt out of bed. Ah me! Oh but what a sight was to greet me…Here on the Costa Blanca, we are spoilt to excess with wonderful sunrises and sunsets, and what was awaiting me was no exception. With pale blue overhead, the horizon was shot through with pink layers of colour merging with grey and burnt orange. Quite beautiful. How can one ever tire of such sights! Nature’s blessing. Elsewhere, I am aware that she’s not so bountiful! My heart goes out to the flooded people in the UK – how much more water can they cope with? And what about Russian winters moving to the USA?! Who can understand or not be surprised at the vagaries of MN! Aided and abetted by Global Warming?! So much excess.

So, I ask myself: what’s on the agenda for today? With breakfast over and domestic bits and bobs out of the way, I head – an automatic pilot/robotic movement – towards my keyboard and switch it on. Emails, Facebook and Twitter checked (shouldn’t I do that later?) I turn to my current faction novel ‘The Catalyst’ which should be finished, but isn’t. The trouble is – just when I think the first third is complete –

I find some, hopefully, better way of my protagonist and or other characters, saying, thinking or doing this or that differently, with more aplomb/effect, etc. Am I really slower, more picky, than most? The answer is yes. I am a dogged plodder and wish I wasn’t. What to do? I’ve been in this situation before, of course, and somehow manage to suddenly speed up somewhere along the line. Just think how many books I could write if I turned up the speedometer. Hey ho!

Kind readers of my blog, keep a look-out for ‘Winters Gems’ my writing group: WordPlay’s next, exciting anthology (Amazon and Kindle), with the anthology ‘On the Town(s)’ snapping at its heels. Oh I do love what I do!


One thought on “Mother Nature’s bounty

  1. eye2deal 15/01/2014 / 8:48 am

    Love your energy…lively, personal and real up beat…Go Joy Go!

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