Book covers and titles

Being an avid reader and browser of bookshops, I am naturally saddened by the closing of so many. Since the invention of Kindle tablets (great for travelling), self-publishing and the enthusiasm for everything technical, especially by the ‘young’ and younger, printed books have taken a pounding. Yes, I do own a Kindle – courtesy of youngest son – and it seemed a sensible option as some of my books are available thereon, but I must record my preference for paperbacks. There’s something about the smell and feel of a new book which doesn’t compare.

Previously, while ‘grazing’ along bookshelves, I was always drawn – not only by favourite authors – but by the colour and design of a cover; and the title. The very next attraction was the blurb on the back cover. Like that first look at a famous, or alluring, painting, there is, at times, a simple gut reaction, almost akin to the buzz you get from flirting…or meeting someone special.

If searching for a specific book, then it is obviously different.

This subject has reared its head because my last book – and first novel – THE CATALYST (naturally thinking the title apt for the story) seems to be very popular; too popular… There are no less than seven titles with a similar name! Which one to choose? It’s a bit like playing eeny meeny, miney, mow. Agents, publishers and authors who give more careful thought to the cover and title of a book are to be applauded.

If a title is titillating or different to the norm in any way AND the design and colouring of the book draws a potential reader in, you are halfway nearer a sale. Both really are just as important as each other. I’ll think long and hard before releasing my next book (still marinating!)