The fascinating world of blogging

Being, quite literally, an old hand at writing: childish stories and silly poems leading to keeping a diary, writing articles, travelogues, short stories, and eventually books, I have had a long love affair with the written word. It has never diminished. If anything, it means more to me in my twilight years, than ever. Oh the joys, and hiccups…of reading and writing!

Naturally, over the years, fashions and fancies have changed, and I am now delighted to welcome and be involved in the world of the Blogger. The word itself somehow has as odd, unpleasant connotation, perhaps reminding one of mugger or blagger, but most of the Blogs I’ve read have been interesting, entertaining, erudite and some downright brilliant, with plenty of humour and twists. The dictionary calls the act of blogging a verb and a noun (depending on use), its full title being weblog, a piece of writing used on the internet.

Of course, as with every genre of writing, there will always be abysmal bloggers and good ones, and naturally I would like to highlight three of – in my ‘umble opinion – the best.. The first name which springs to mind, is that of Carol Hedges, esteemed writer of many books (around fourteen I believe) and latterly the author of several, exciting, Victorian murder tales. Now, being a grandmother for the first time, Carol looks after her ‘little G” (two years old on 24th February) a few times a week and writes delightfully of their time together. Under the umbrella of “Adventures of L-Plate Gran – Never underestimate the power of Grandmas!” Carol writes regular gems which I thoroughly recommend to other grandmas. (Sadly I’m not one, but love them all the same.) In Carol’s offerings, you will find heart-warming episodes, zaniness and plain good fun.

Carol’s blog

My second recommended Blogger is a man with the unusual name of Bun Karyudo (pronounced Boon-CAR-you-dough) who was ‘Born on one continent, raised on a second, and now lives on a third.’ A married man with two teenaged sons, he has written blogs with such titles as: “Exploding tea bags? Not my cup of tea.” And “The Cosmic Significance of Bathroom Tiles,” which gives a few clues as to the quirkiness of his nature. Pictured with a paper bag over his head, Bun pretends to be “A Billionaire Philanthropist.”(Always good to humour him, as he might just happen to be one!). I personally think that Bun should open an “‘Ideas Line” for Bloggers as he can find interest and humour in tripping over his own feet or being sick; not to mention waxing lyrical over anything from plastic bags to “A freezing day in Wigan.” I kid you not.

Bun’s blog

Now I come to my third favourite Blogger and won’t apologise for so doing. Being a Brit – brought up not to praise myself or my family – I questioned myself soundly before ‘exposing’ my eldest son, Jason, to the limelight. And then I thought, ‘Why not?’ I’m a truthful person and I believe my eldest son to be an excellent Blogger. (All three sons are ‘good eggs,’ their hearts are in the right places and they are good citizens. It just happens that the eldest one also writes. Well!) Totally ignoring the word nepotism, an ugly concept, I continue… No stranger to originality or weirdness (a necessity in the blogging world) – and we’re back to quirky again – Jason also produces such posts as “Dinosaurs from Space” and “Klaatu barada nikto!” and a departure: a zany short story called ”Procrastination Man.” I can thoroughly recommend a read at his blog – halfbananas.

Jason’s blog




8 thoughts on “The fascinating world of blogging

  1. quirkygirlinspain 25/02/2016 / 11:49 am

    I follow all three and I luv ’em!!

  2. eye2deal 26/02/2016 / 8:17 am

    Fabulous intro Joy…and indeed a Grand Love Affair with words best describes you. You have such a unique style and a right royal way with language, ( cor that is a mouthful!) Entertaining and generous is at the heart of everything you write……I think “Unstoppable” is your word for this year!

  3. quirkygirlinspain 26/02/2016 / 11:05 am

    ditto – eye2deal

  4. joylennick 26/02/2016 / 11:08 am

    I’m curtsying in your direction!

  5. carol hedges (@carolJhedges) 26/02/2016 / 4:05 pm

    oooh..just read this..very very kind. I love blogging for so many reasons….and reading and commenting on other’s blogs for so many more…

  6. kathyrollinson 01/03/2016 / 7:43 am

    Joy, A fascinating article, as usual. Could send me an email of the links to the blogs you mention? I only receive emails from WordPress that people ‘like’ my blog, or people I follow.

  7. BunKaryudo 01/03/2016 / 12:49 pm

    Thank you very much for the mention, Joy. It cheered my up immensely. I follow Jason’s site already, of course, but Carol’s is new to me so I look forward to nipping over to take a look. It sounds like a lot of fun. 🙂

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