Bear Lake, Utah, A Corner of Idaho and on to Jackson Hole, Wyoming

A Note From Abroad

June 25th ~ Jackson Hole, Wyoming

Paris Tabernacle ~ Paris, Idaho

A beautiful day to drive this gorgeous land. Weather in the high 70’s, an occasional puffy cloud, brilliant sunshine, and photo shopped scenery to put huge smiles on our faces. 

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Canyonlands National Park and Dead Horse Point

Wow.Clocking up the miles and sights. And what sights…Some outstanding models for photography. I bet you’re right out of adjectives! Safe travelling.

A Note From Abroad

Saturday, June 17th ~ Moab, Utah

Mesa Arch ~ Canyonlands National Park

It is sweltering hot and TV stations are issuing High Heat warnings. Signs are posted everywhere reminding people to stay well hydrated. Initially we thought about just taking a “day off” and doing nothing, or perhaps a bit of laundry. But, after a few minutes of vegging, we threw that idea out the window, grabbed our water bottles, backpack, sunglasses, hats, sunscreen, and sense of humor and headed out. 

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Goblin Valley State Park – Hoodoos Shaped Like Goblins

What a surreal place! Such weird shapes. The imagination must have had a b all… You’re certainly notching up the unusual folks! x

A Note From Abroad

Friday, June 16th ~ From Torrey to Moab, Utah

Ash gray hills, lower and less rugged than at Capitol Reef NP

“One’s destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things.” – Henry Miller

Leaving Torrey, we drove back through Capitol Reef National Park, continuing along Highway 24. It was not long before the dark red streaked cliffs turned to an ash gray. 

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…a severe attack of the immobile phone…

‘Coz we’re older than you – me n ‘im – we can smugly say we are immune from the deep bite of the terrible terror known as the…dum de dum dum… mobile phone. Recently bought a new one and have hardly used it!! When I get used to the b.thing, I’ll probably get just as hooked. Such is life. (Loved your piece, Seumas.) xx

Seumas Gallacher

…I s’pose it’s a bit like opening a packet of peanuts and eating just one… or a bag of potato crisps and picking out only a single bit to crunch… telling yerself, ‘I have no addiction to such things… I can exercise my extreme willpower at any time over compulsive behaviour’… well, here’s one for yeez… leave the house to go out to dinner… twenty minutes later, sitting at the table in the restaurant, eyeballing the menu and yeez reach into yer pocket for yer mobile phone… and realise it’s still back at home… I don’t know how emb’dy else reacts in that circumstance, but I now understand how it impacts this ol’ Scots Jurassic scribbler… utter and immediate, total panic!… a severe attack of the immobile phone… Master Gallacher’s experience yesterday evening was a mind opener… it’s not as if I get a hundred calls…

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Capitol Reef National Park – A Sculptors Masterpiece in the Making

Some outstanding photographs, and what sights waiting to be snapped! Food looked good too!

A Note From Abroad

Part of June 14th and June 15th ~ Capitol Reef NP, Torrey, Utah

Capitol Reef National Park

Capitol Reef National Park

Situated in Wayne County, Utah, this area was originally named “Wayne Wonderland”. Adopted into the National Park fold in 1971, it is a long, skinny section of land 60 miles long, but averaging only 6 miles wide. 

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TWIG – The Writers Interaction Group

ctMitchellWhen author C. T. Mitchell and I last emailed each other, he didn’t have the slightest idea that he’d be a TWIG before the month was out! (He’s much more of a BRANCH really, but, like trees, our group’s starting out small… ).

The idea is to write a post, as usual, each month – but give a worthy author an airing, as publicity to a writer is as valuable as air!

C.T. Mitchell, a well-known Australian author of a dazzling array of murder stories – from ‘cozy’ to ‘dastardly’ – has written a plethora of Short Reads and full-length novels, which are listed below.




Secret of Barnesdale Manor

Murder on the Beach

High Stakes

Murder at Stonehaven

The Thin Line


Lady Margaret Turnbull

Murder at the Fete

Murder in the Village

Murder at the Cemetery

Murder in the Valley


Murder at the Manor

Murder Shot

A Sugar n’ Spice Culinary Cozy Mystery

Just Murdered

Killer in the Kitchen

Cupcakes, Cider & Crime


Father Douglas Cozy Mysteries

Murder and the Mechanic

Murder and the Jewelery Box


Murder by Butter Chicken

Murder of a Bollywood Star





Web:  /


The above is, you will agree, quite an impressive list of accomplishments. C.T. Mitchell and I hope you will enjoy choosing one or two, or maybe even more of his books to read at your leisure. It would be a crime not to.

Happy reading!