Dieters: Chocolate alert, but read this

This has my whole-hearted confirmation… Yes! x


I was going to schedule this post for Sunday but thought better of it in respect of being forewarned is forearmed sotospeak.

To my fellow dieters, Sunday July 7th is World Chocolate Day (source).
With all the special things that may be advertised and on offer, do we, as dieters, bury our head under the duvet and hide away from temptation, or embrace the day and have a little of what we fancy to celebrate?

Did you know chocolate first appeared in Europe in 1550!
I have jokingly said that Chocolate should be included as one of our five a day as it’s a vegetable. It comes from cocoa, and cocoa is a bean. Beans are vegetables, so voila, chocolate should be classed as a vegetable.
Also it has a few health benefits!
Chocolate is loaded with nutrients such as riboflavin, vitamin B12, manganese, zinc and phosphorus. It’s…

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