What do you see # 16 : February 10, 2020

Very ‘other worldly!’ Made me feel odd… x


This week, Sadje has chosen Reflections by: Yunus Emre Uzun for our What Do You See challenge which she has taken over since the sad loss of Hélène last year.
Andre always wondered what it was like on ‘the other side’.
Often his Mum would catch him staring in the mirror at some far away reflected image.
When asked what he was looking at, he’d shrug and say he was ‘just thinking’ and not elaborate.
There were reflections everywhere, each slightly different, but always depicting a back-to-front world to the one he was used to.
He’d sometimes touch the glass to see a left hand reaching for his right, and would often make faces at himself hoping that maybe one day, someone would be making faces at him from an alternative existence.
It started as a normal day. The rain had been forecast, but the sky took on an unusual…

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