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Mum_medNow a mature writer (think wine rather than cheese), Joy Lennick was seduced into writing books by reading them at an early age. Brer Rabbit, the horrific tales of The Brothers Grimm; Hans Christian Andersen, Charles Dickens and countless others, intrigued and inspired her, but apart from writing a school play, stories and poems, she didn’t write her first book until 1984.

Kogan Page Publishers commissioned her to write RUNNING A SMALL HOTEL, after Joy and her husband sold their hotel in Bournemouth. This was quickly followed by JOBS IN BAKING & CONFECTIONERY, and she later acted as biographer to Andrew Halsey, an epileptic rower who challenged the might of the Atlantic Ocean by rowing across it, alone, in a small rowing boat. Overcoming huge problems, he succeeded! HURRICANE HALSEY (published by Libros International). Then came a memoir of Joy’s time as a child in World War II, evacuated to South Wales: MY GENTLE WAR (published by WordPlay Publishers), and – her latest book – written in 2014, THE CATALYST, and produced by the same company about two protagonists caught up in one of the actual terrorist train bombings in 2005, their survival and fate.

Since that time, Joy has written several short stories, which have been included in various anthologies: the latest being FOOD GLORIOUS FOOD and DES RES? (Quirky Girl Publishing) Her many poems have also been published in numerous anthologies and appeared on many sites and in magazines.

Recently produced, was Joy’s husband Eric’s hand-written memoir A LIFE WORTH LIVING, which she typed and edited, published by Quirky Girl Publishing. Another on the back burner is FROM PRAIRIE TO PASSCHENDALE – the re-fashioned true story of a brave man born in the late 1800s who became a farmer in Canada and then a hero in World War I.

Two more books – in the making – are: THE MOON IS WEARING A TUTU and THE EGG TIMER.

Joy is now retired in Spain with her husband. Two sons live nearby and the eldest lives in Denmark.


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17 thoughts on “About Joy

  1. Joy is an inspiration to us all. A prolific writer with a great imagination and good sense of humour. All praise to Joy…A Gentle War is slice of history, personal and funny yet informative. A great read.

    • Joy… Could you possibly get in touch please? I was hoping to speak to someone you are in touch with. Many thanks, James Hanning (mobile 07836 268438)

  2. Hi Joy, you have a fabulous view of the world around you set a great example for those that visit here and read your posts. Keep up the great work and thanks for all your support as it is greatly appreciated. Connecting with so many wonderful people who spare their time to help me has been a truly amazing experience and very humbling.

    Best wishes

  3. I have read Joy’s two books, ‘A Gentle War’ and ‘The Catalyst’ and have enjoyed them both. I am member of her U3A writing group (University of the Third Age) and she inspired me to write my book ‘A Twist of Fairy Tales’ as she set members to write a modern version of ‘Little Red Riding Hood’, and from this tale – my book grew. I have dedicated the book to her. Many thanks, Joy, for ‘liking’ my blog about my latest book ‘Where Lies My Heart’.

  4. Hi Heather Hoather, I really can’t believe I didn’t thank you for your kind words way back! I do hope you are still sharing your lovely voice with the public? Long may that be. (Mine’s worse than caterwauling…) Best wishes. Joy x

  5. Dear Joy… really I do like to meet you, I’d like to speak about writing… I envy that gift, I’d tried sometimes but when I re-read it I feel under the dumps.
    And as well I’d like to met you in the University in Torrevieja, I’m Spanish but living about 800 kms. away… my city is Barcelona. Me gustaria leer tus historias pero no tengo Amazon o lo que sea, están editados en España? Lo buscaré..Many regards!!!!!!!

  6. Hola Rosa, Muchas gracias. Mi Espanol es muy mal. Lo siento! I’ll write in English if you don’t mind…I can understand many Spanish words and phrases but have difficulty in conversing and writing it. As for writing itself, I’ve always loved it: poetry, short stories, whatever, and have had five books published. BUT, there is always more to learn and that fascinates me: knowledge.
    I had poor schooling and didn’t take my A level English Literature exam until I was 66!!

    You live in a beautiful city! We only visited it once but fell in love…So vibrant and exciting.

    Now, how about you? What do you like to write? Do let me know and if I can help in any way, I will be happy to. Best wishes. Joy x

  7. If tou come back to my city… let me know it… we can meet. I don’t mind if you write in English, I’ve studied it for many years!
    I’d lite to write many different themes, life… travelling, but I repeat sometimes I have an idea in my head but when I beguin to write… I don’t know how to begin. I have a “friend”, English but living in Mayote (a very small island near Mozambique) and I’m amazed when I read his themes in his blog.
    Don’t bother about your age…. I’m 78!!!!!!!!! XXXXOOOO

  8. Hola Rosa, Who knows, we may come to Barcelona again one day. I’d love that; such a beautiful city. Gracias por your reply. We visited Madrid in May for a birthday treat, and again, quite a stunning city! We need to be cloned – such short lives and so much to see and do…But we are most grateful for what we have experienced. Take a look at my eldest son’s posts . He is a first-rate writer and has a great sense of humour, which is vital in the terrible times we live in. The address is http://www.halfbananasblog. Do keep in touch, and here’s to good fortune with your writing. Best wishes. Joy x

  9. You are such a busy bee, Joy! Very exciting – your success as a writer and all the stories you have lived! I assume the Passchendale (Passendale) in one of your upcoming books is located in Belgium?

  10. Hi Liesbet, Thank you for writing. The Paschendaele book was written by a friend’s grand-father, which he asked me to adapt. ‘Fred Knight’ was born in Kent,UK, (late 1800s) emigrated to Canada aged 17 and served in World War I in Belgium and France. After losing his right arm, he retrained and returned to the UK. He typed the m/s with a head device as he had Parkinson’s disease which left his left arm near useless.. Quite a man! Have you any more trips planned? Best Wishes.

    • That’s a fascinating story and a heroic tale! I actually have another trip to Belgium planned in June, Joy. I’m always on the fence about these, since Mark and I never fly anywhere fun for a holiday, and my money always goes to flying home. Yet, it is nice to see my friends and family each time. But, since my parents are moving this year, it might be a while before I go back after this upcoming trip.

      Other than that one (and a trip east for annual check-ups), we have no real plans except for changing our lifestyle up a bit in the summer. 🙂

  11. Hi Liesbet, Apologies! Just catching up…have been frantically busy, writing-wise. Did you make Belgium in June? The sunshine seems to have spread nearly everywhere – hope it’s reached you!
    Keep in touch. Cheers! Joy x

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