Excerpt: From ‘Worth its Salt’ Winning story in the Torrevieja Short Story Competition

As for me: being older than the famous Methuselah… and a time traveller to boot (invisible though we may be, there are – surprisingly – still a few of us around) I daily count my lucky stars. The drawbacks are unimportant here and don’t affect my present quest, which is to take you on a journey backwards and forwards in time. So, gird your loins, or fasten your seat-belts, and come with me – back to the year 2l8 B.C…

Exerpts from my stories in ‘Shorts for Autumn’ by WordPlay Publishing

‘One Match Too Many’

Gregory and Georgia’s relationship had been electric from the beginning: think Guy Fawkes Day and your best ever erotic fantasy…

‘Tears for Toby’

(Where the body was found) In the main bedroom, boss. The housekeeper rang us, sobbing, as soon as she found him. The scene I came upon gave me the creeps. The guy was completely naked – laid on his back –and looked almost saint-like, with his arms folded across his chest.

‘What Alibi?’

As the almost cadaverous figure of Geoffrey Barton walked through the eerie fingers of mist drifting across the path from the river Segura, a plethora of gloom settled on him like an unwanted second skin. 


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