Other Works


Joy is at present working on another novel called ‘The Highs and Lows of Leticia Dombrowski.’ The story highlights how the indomitable spirit, feistiness and humour of a young, talented, girl can, eventually overcome a troubled early life, and the tragedies of forebears at a dire time in history.

Short fiction

Two tales in: ‘Shorts for Autumn’ an anthology of short stories which won lst prize in the First International Short Story competition for writing groups held by The Writers magazine in the UK. (Published by WordPlay)
Precinct Murder (Published by WordPlay)
Talk of the Towns (Published by WordPlay)
Food Glorious Food (Published by WordPlay, assisted by QGS Publishing)
Songs That Inspired Stories (Published by WordPlay)
Des.Res.? (Published by QGS Publishing)
Of Course I Believe in Father Christmas (Published by QGSPublishing)
Where Angels and Devils Tread (collaboration with author Jean Wilson) Published by QGSPublishing


‘Running Your Own Small Hotel’ published by Kogan Page Ltd., of London
‘Jobs in Baking & Confectionery’ also by Kogan Page


Hurricane Halsey – A true adventure story of an epileptic man’s successful row across the Atlantic ocean; and his challenges against the might of the Pacific ocean.
From the Prairies to Passchendaele, A Memoir by Frederick Knight , adapted by Joy Lennick.


Celtic Cameos & Other Poems


The Moon is Wearing a Tutu, co-written with husband Eric S Lennick. A slim volume of poems and jokes..


1st Prize for the best short story in Torrevieja’s First Short Story Competition (2005): ‘Worth Its Salt.’
2nd Prize ‘Vivien Leigh’ A poem. Awarded by The Hilton House Poetry Awards (1999)


2 thoughts on “Other Works

  1. Gemma Campbell 26/09/2013 / 11:43 am

    Hi Joy – I am trying to get hold of your book Hurricane Halsey but it is unavailable EVERYWHERE! Can you help? Many thanks Gemma

    • joylennick 26/09/2013 / 12:12 pm

      Hi Gemma Amazon should have it!? If not, please email me : joylennick@hotmail.com and I’ll try and get hold of a copy for you. Do you live in the UK? Thanks for enquiring. Best wishes Joy Lennick

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