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TWIG – The Writers Interaction Group

ctMitchellWhen author C. T. Mitchell and I last emailed each other, he didn’t have the slightest idea that he’d be a TWIG before the month was out! (He’s much more of a BRANCH really, but, like trees, our group’s starting out small… ).

The idea is to write a post, as usual, each month – but give a worthy author an airing, as publicity to a writer is as valuable as air!

C.T. Mitchell, a well-known Australian author of a dazzling array of murder stories – from ‘cozy’ to ‘dastardly’ – has written a plethora of Short Reads and full-length novels, which are listed below.




Secret of Barnesdale Manor

Murder on the Beach

High Stakes

Murder at Stonehaven

The Thin Line


Lady Margaret Turnbull

Murder at the Fete

Murder in the Village

Murder at the Cemetery

Murder in the Valley


Murder at the Manor

Murder Shot

A Sugar n’ Spice Culinary Cozy Mystery

Just Murdered

Killer in the Kitchen

Cupcakes, Cider & Crime


Father Douglas Cozy Mysteries

Murder and the Mechanic

Murder and the Jewelery Box


Murder by Butter Chicken

Murder of a Bollywood Star





Web: www.CTMitchellBooks.com  /  www.theshortreads.com


The above is, you will agree, quite an impressive list of accomplishments. C.T. Mitchell and I hope you will enjoy choosing one or two, or maybe even more of his books to read at your leisure. It would be a crime not to.

Happy reading!


Where Angels and Devils Tread

book coverI’ve a strong feeling that May is a popular month for many folk. It’s certainly my favourite. Usually… there’s more sunshine around; and the earth, with Mother Nature’s collusion, delights us at every turn. Buds pushing through and a colourful array of flowers to gladden any heart. A time of rebirth and renewal, giving hope a chance. What’s not to like?!

And then there are plans germinating: holidays ahead? Or at least picnics and barbecues. If you plan being a beach-bum for a week or two, you’ll need something to read, and this is where people like me come in handy; us writers have our uses….

This time, I’ve collaborated with a worthy author and friend, Jean Wilson: no slouch with the written word. Jean has worn several hats in her time. She was a Queen’s nurse for many years and then became a Psychologist to needy children and adults. Humour, that vital element, is evident in a lot of her and my work, so whether you want to read a murder tale or something a little lighter, there’s something in our book of short stories for you. It is available from CreateSpace and also Amazon (paperback and Kindle).

Why not order a copy and see for yourself?!


Book covers and titles

Being an avid reader and browser of bookshops, I am naturally saddened by the closing of so many. Since the invention of Kindle tablets (great for travelling), self-publishing and the enthusiasm for everything technical, especially by the ‘young’ and younger, printed books have taken a pounding. Yes, I do own a Kindle – courtesy of youngest son – and it seemed a sensible option as some of my books are available thereon, but I must record my preference for paperbacks. There’s something about the smell and feel of a new book which doesn’t compare.

Previously, while ‘grazing’ along bookshelves, I was always drawn – not only by favourite authors – but by the colour and design of a cover; and the title. The very next attraction was the blurb on the back cover. Like that first look at a famous, or alluring, painting, there is, at times, a simple gut reaction, almost akin to the buzz you get from flirting…or meeting someone special.

If searching for a specific book, then it is obviously different.

This subject has reared its head because my last book – and first novel – THE CATALYST (naturally thinking the title apt for the story) seems to be very popular; too popular… There are no less than seven titles with a similar name! Which one to choose? It’s a bit like playing eeny meeny, miney, mow. Agents, publishers and authors who give more careful thought to the cover and title of a book are to be applauded.

If a title is titillating or different to the norm in any way AND the design and colouring of the book draws a potential reader in, you are halfway nearer a sale. Both really are just as important as each other. I’ll think long and hard before releasing my next book (still marinating!)