New Year Resolutions

I don’t know about you, but I’ve never been very good at keeping New Year Resolutions…

The trouble is, when it comes to dieting, I don’t! Yes, I know that there are bits where they shouldn’t be and no bits where they should be, and I do have my pride – here comes the ‘But’… The problem of course is (yes you’ve guessed it) FOOD: show me roast chicken, creamy pasta, pastries and chocolate and my resolve is as weak as ditch water, although I don’t over-indulge. Ah me….I have no problem with giving up smoking, as I never have (ugh!) and – I must sound like a ‘goody-two-shoes’ – I‘ve never had a drink problem, though I admit to enjoying the odd G & T or cocktail. So, should I give up Men? (whoops, meant to say ‘man’). No, I don’t think so: I’ve got very used to him being around. He’s a bit of ‘alright,’ he’s funny (sometimes on purpose) doesn’t beat me and he COOKS! No, sorry he’s not for hire. Where does that leave my re resolutions then? Well, they might sound a bit pedestrian to a non-writer, but to me they are important. I resolve not to use the following words too many times: AND, BUT, GOT (Yuch), VERY, REALLY, LOVELY and HOWEVER, and avoid clichés whenever possible.

There are, apparently, 1,019,729.6 words in the English language (as at 1st January 2013) with new words being created every 98 minutes…so a huge variety to choose from and consider. Sadly, too many non-serious writers are getting lazier as time passes (what with texting and emails) but us professional writers should strive to use more. I don’t mean peppering your work with archaic or rarely used words which have readers reaching for their dictionaries, or ‘asking Google’, for such ‘over-writing’ can be dry and boring, but I for one intend increasing my vocabulary to, hopefully, make it ‘sing-zing’ more to me; make people shed a tear; laugh more; make them sit up and think…stir my soul, in the hope that it stirs others too. I hope I don’t live to ‘eat my words’… As for my hope for the world’s populace? Apart from peace, I would love to meet and hear of more free-thinkers and less sheep. What a more interesting and stimulating planet it would be!