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A brief introduction in blatant praise of one of the groups I belong to: Writers’ Ink

Writers’ Ink evolved from Wordplay, a group founded by Ian Govan and Michael Barton – two very intelligent and clued up guys – their vision was to encourage writers to – well WRITE! – and get published. Sadly, Ian died prematurely in August 2012 and is much missed; while Michael carries valiantly on. He has since left the group to further a busy writing career. We have a good, reliable and inspiring group of writers and now meet at a different venue: Waldemar’s Restaurant, Calle Escorpio in La Florida, just outside Torrevieja. We meet every second Monday in the month 10.30-12.30.

Some Writers’ Ink authors have been mentioned elsewhere on this site; and two more are poised and awaiting publication of their books –more of them another time.

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Book review

TRUTH HURTS – Janet Waters First Novel

When sitting down to write, Janet admits that she has a beginning of her stories and an end, but nothing much in the middle. At other times, she has a middle, but no beginning or end! This is what she loves most about writing, as her stories are as intriguing for her as they are for her readers to read.

“Really, writing is like life in general,” to quote Janet – “We don’t know where’s it’s going or where it’s going to take us, but one thing’s for certain, it can be as exciting or dull as we choose to make it.”

Like most people, Janet has not come through life unscathed, but it is the problems and bumps in life, she believes, which make us stronger and often propel us into doing things we would not normally have considered. For Janet, writing is one of those experiences.

Originally from The Cotswolds, Janet now lives in the Costa Blanca region of Spain. When she is not writing, her time is normally taken up calling a truce between her boisterous Golden Retriever Pagan and her schizophrenic cat Chutney.

TRUTH HURTS’ is Janet’s first novel and the first part of a trilogy. It is a gripping, well-written, historical family saga, giving the reader an emotional insight into the hardships of poverty; the effect of the Second World War on the lives of ordinary people, and the trauma caused by romantic and family relationships.

Janet is currently working on her second book: ‘THE CIRCLE,’ which she hopes to have available by December 2013/January 2014 and the sequel to ‘Truth Hurts’, which is called ‘DON’T CAST STONES.’

An accomplished writer to be watched for sure!’

KIndle edition available from Amazon


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