Remembering 9/11

Anyone who cares about humanity – and there are, fortunately, billions of people who do – couldn’t fail to be horrified by the terrible acts of terrorism which happened in New York on that dreadful September day in 2001. To all survivors, families and friends of those affected, take heart that many people really do care, and still remember. My own ‘unbelieving’ reaction was to write the following poem:-


Long after eulogies have been said;

guilt and recriminations have been put to bed –

cherished memories float on battered minds

that lift the spirit, and a kind

of healing process then begins.

Dry-eyed: the well is spent –

a limerick is found…

a loving note he meant to send.

A breeze-born waft of jasmine

and she is there…

A burnished copper leaf

reminds you of her hair.

A favourite walk, café, a tune…

memories held so dear.

You pray that time will not prune

too much and leave the futile fear

that one day, the memory of their

earthly presence will all but disappear.


2 thoughts on “Remembering 9/11

  1. Jada Dee 11/09/2013 / 4:18 pm

    This is very good, Joy. I have sent it to twitter, fcebook etc. My Birthday is 8th August – couldn’t seem to make the email “thingy” work. I looked up Carol Naylor’s blog. She had Shorts for Autumn on the first page – I GOT A MENTION!! (‘course, I always thought she was brilliant!) I thought the new chap Dave Ebsworth was interesting. I liked the idea of a newsletter instead of a blog. I think this would work better for me as only a few of my FB friends have bought the book. Here is a “Newsletter” – what do you think?

    HEY! ZEUS!!


    Janette Davies



    Hello Friends,

    Thank you for giving me the opportunity to introduce you to my book Hey! Zeus!!, a collection of 12 quirky short stories, available on Kindle.

    Every couple of weeks, with your permission, I will send you a few paragraphs from the current month, along with interesting snippets about my book, me, and my world.

    We start with September, Cutting a Rug.

    The idea for this story came from an incident which happened to me when I was working at Woolworths

    as a Saturday Girl, in the dark ages.

    A very good looking chap was lurking around the counter where I worked (glassware and crockery) and he asked me if Id like to cut a rug with him . I was incensed and told him where to get off then the other lady on the counter told me what it meant!

    Rita, what does slinky mean?

    Slinky? Well, it means, smooth and sleek, like a panther or leopard moving through the jungle. Why?

    Oh no! This boy in my class came up to me and he goes Mmm slinky. I thought he was, you know, being rude.

    What did you say to him Genevieve?

    Youll never believe it.

    Try me.

    I said Dream on, Dork. His name is Wayne Dawkins and hes new; he only started in our class this week.

    You obviously fancy him then.

    Yeah, I mean NO! Well, a bit, you know.

    Rita put her arm around Genevieves shoulder and started to laugh. She said Dyou know Vieve, my Nan hit a boy when she was your age because he asked if she wanted to Cut a Rug. She thought he was being a bit cheeky. Genevieve looked at Rita and asked her what it meant. It means to dance or go dancing. You would probably say Disco nowadays. Genevieve nodded, sighed and said Oh well. Its too late now.

    Rita picked up the kettle and walked to the sink Want a coffee or tea? Oh, by the way Vieve, your Dad and me are going to see the new Steadman Emery film tonight in town and were going to try the new Tapas Bar afterwards. If youre not going round to Celines, do you want to come with us? Genevieve looked thoughtful and replied I was going to Celines, but I think shes been grounded. Ill check with her and let you know; is that okay?

    Genevieve rushed out of the kitchen and went to her bedroom to ring her best friend.

    Hi Celine, its Vieve. I cant come round tonight, Ive been grounded.

    Genevieve! What have you done?

    Nothing. You dont have to do anything to be grounded in this house – you know what they are like. Just breathing is enough to set em off. Ill still see you tomorrow afternoon in town as usual. Better go now. Bye, Celine.

    Genevieve raced down the stairs and went back into the kitchen. Rita was sitting at the table with a cup of tea in front of her. Well?

    I cant go to Celines tonight, shes been grounded. Is it alright then if I come with you and Dad? Wont be in the way or anything, will I?

    Course not, silly.

    Thanks Rita. What you wearing tonight?

    Leggings and a thick jumper. Oh! That reminds me, theres a bag on the chair for you.

    Genevieve jumped up and looked in the plastic bag. Wow, two pairs of leggings. Thanks Rita. Rita smiled and said Black ones are always useful, but I thought youd look good in the grey ones with your long red jumper, especially with your little boots. Mmm slinky!

    Think youre more slinky than me – you always look fab.

    Go on with you, flatterer. Shall we have a bit of cheese now, it will be ages before we go to the Tapas Bar?

    They came out of the cinema at 10 oclock. Genevieve clutched her heart and said Steadman Emery is just so fab, dont you think Dad?

    Doesnt do much for me, Vieve. What do you think, Rita?

    Sorry Colin, Im with Vieve on that one he is TOTALLY AWESOME!

    They all started laughing and Colin put his arm around Rita and Genevieve and said Come on, you two. Lets eat. There was a shout behind them and they all turned around to see a man waving at them. Hello Colin, I thought it was you. Oh hi Warren! Have you been in the cinema? This is Rita and Genevieve, said Colin. Colin then turned to Rita and said Meet Warren, my new boss. Rita and Warren shook hands and Warren looked at Genevieve and said I think you know my son, Wayne Dawkins. ….more coming soon

    I would be delighted if you visited my:

    Website – www.

    Amazon Author Page Janette Davies

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    Or Google me!

    If you do not wish to follow my Newsletters, drop me a line on Email:

    And Ill delete you from the list. Jan. x

    Date: Wed, 11 Sep 2013 11:24:18 +0000 To:

  2. Joy Lennick 18/10/2013 / 10:35 am

    Did I tell you how much I enjoyed that piece, Jan! I’m sure lots of other people will too….

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